Hey there, I want to suggest you a Linux software.
let me I tell you my story why/how I found this software. Maybe some of you know that doing reset factory after while is needed for android phones, so I decided to do it after a one-year decision 😁 so some days ago I’m done it and when I thought I took backup from everything and everywhere,

I was excited about a precious happiness, unfortunately this happiness does not take more than some minutes I understood I missed my contacts file. The file that included many contact numbers. I was dizzy, honestly.
today I tried to find one of my old contacts’ backup file. Then I googled to how I can see content without import to phone. Finally, I reached to vcard-studio.
by this app, you can view, search, edit, add and manage your contacts files.
it is available for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Ubuntu/Debian (64-bit), Fedora/RHEL/Centos (64-bit)
you can visit the website with this address:

By Saeb Khanzadeh

Programmer and Computer Engineer