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you need to know reality is not what is telling you in media. something you need to know about Iran – Israel – Jews

  1. Iran does not have any problem with Jews. some Jewish people still live in Iran. also, the Opinion of Iran’s Regime is Israel is Racist, Thief, and Apartheid. Additionally, creating a country like Isreal in the middle east has many questions and its reality and story, and history say these suspicions are true.
  2. The Iranian Governments are forbidden to have any relationship with That Racist Regime by the Iranian Regime, same about Apartheid Regime of South Africa. Iran’s regime had forbidden all relationships with that regime too. then if one government wants to have a relationship it will be against the whole regime. the only way is to change the regime. because it is one of the main ideologies of the current Iranian Regime.
  3. about the people; it does not change that you call them Israelis or we call them jews. they are free. but they can not travel by Israeli passport.
  4. problem with Israel is not religiously. it is more deepest than what they told. you should read more about the opinions of Top leaders of the Iranian Regime. “if you have the wrong information, you will decide wrong.”
  5. as another thing that I think the relationship between Iran israel will not happen, Iran thinks that Has the most powerful situation over 100 years ago. how can they change it?
  6. anyway, most Iranians know Israel is the second enemy after the USA against Iran, Pay attention: Israel is not the first enemy, it is second. they are the second priority for the Iran regime. just you should research more.

more signs exist but I guess it is enough.

thank you for reading these.

By Saeb Khanzadeh

Programmer and Computer Engineer