hello dears, i now found a package for Linux what you can send your post from Linux without you visit your Admin Page or Dashboard of your site or Weblogs. please be with me until the end of this post.


this is a simple package for gnome applet for send articles to Weblog.

which systems support?

you can send post to WordPress, Advogato API, MetaWeblog API or Livejournal via Gnome-blog. but you can login to one account per open it, it means you can not login some account at the same time or manage your account with it.


User Area

Gnome-blog is too simple and easy. when you launch it, it will you select your blog system and account information. next step you can write your post. that is interesting if you know gnome-blog have 5 buttons for edit and send your article. they are Bold, Italic, Add Link, Preferences and Post Entry. I very enjoy with it.

By Saeb Khanzadeh

Programmer and Computer Engineer