Hi Buddies, some days ago when i need a software for generate safe password i started to programming to do that with take pattern other products and note on some important notes. then i named it as “PassGen” that is shortness of Password Generator.

Attributes’ of software

  • Choose character types between: Capital Case of English, Lower Case of English, Numbers,Arabic/Persian Alphabets, symbols, Specifics Characters
  • Select password length
  • Show each step of choose character to REPORT ME FOR REPAIR
  • Portable
  • Safe and without any malware and spyware and without get any information
  • Free
  • Language(s): English

Attributes of Safe Password

  1. Do not have any relation with password owner
  2. Long length
  3. Use Deference Characters

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Download Servers:

Iran Persiangig Servers

US Mediafire Servers

By Saeb Khanzadeh

Programmer and Computer Engineer