On the occasion of the anniversary of mourning days for the Master of the Martyrs, Imam Husayn (A.S), Noor Digital Library has furnished its website with 105 books (in 151 volumes, in Persian and Arabic) about Imam Husayn (A.S), the Event of Ashura, Karbala and tragic account of the Imam’s martyrdom.

It is worth mentioning that this website gives the users free access to the typed and scanned (PDF) texts of all pages of books.

The books like “Dar Karbala Cheh Gozasht (What happened in Karbala?)”, Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi’s “Nafas al-Mahmoom (the sigh of the grieved for the Imam’s martyrdom)”, and Sayyid Ibn Tawous’s “al-Luhouf ‘ala Qatla al-Tufouf (the grief for those slain in Karbala)”, and “Kamil al-Ziyaraat (a comprehensive collection of the forms of pilgrimages)” are among these books, which are considered as reference books for this subject.

This website also has more than 15 thousand volumes of books in the field of Islam and humanities, among which 7 thousand volumes are in Arabic. Considering the fact that this website possesses the genuine copies and main reference books of our heritage, it has warmly been welcomed by the visitors.

Supporting the three languages of English, Persian and Arabic, and making use of reference management software program that aids the researchers in their studies, are among other capabilities of this website.

the text copied from their notification email.

By Saeb Khanzadeh

Programmer and Computer Engineer