It's me; Saeb Khanzadeh

i prefer to call self a web developer since i fellow PHP pure seriously.
welcome to my website
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What are my skills?

you may follow who can help you or your team.

Coding and Programming

various of languages: SQL, PHP, VB.NET, HTML,CSS, JS. also poked to: JAVA, Node.JS.

Platforms or OS

Linux and Windows. but for a programmer Mac should not be hard too. yes?

Fast Setup Cases

everythings, but for websites; it is clear i will say i know Wordpress well. i configured a small server too.

Softwares Knowledge

Microsoft Office,, LibreOffice, Photoshop, Gimp, PHPstorm, NP++, SQLServer, PHPmyAdmin, Xampp, Linux Terminal, so on

How can i help your business?

among developing Internet, new age of marketing started and businessmen wants to be more seen by potentiols customers. is not it?

Setup Website

for medium or big business, having a website is emergency. no doubt, you can count on me with various plans

improve and help to have more visitors

having a website is not enough alone. you need to know how to make contents and drive users to your website and at the end make them your customers.

Digital Marketing

You need to know how you should use all platforms and business envirnment to find customers. it can be a messenger, a website, billboard, social media or etc

programming your web portal

all big business need to have a website fit with own business. I try to find a solution. we can do it. do not hurry.


there are my activites and businesses.
"selling Iran and USA webhosting with crypto, Rials and Dollars. try to give services cheapest "
Mizban (
Webhosting seller
"multi-sender for social media and messengers. Twitter, Telegram, Gap IM, iGap, Bale IM, Eitaa, SPlus, Ghadiruna"
Farogir Bot (
Social Hub
"Free Domain Name Services *, *, *"
Subz (
Free domain-name

About The Author

My name is Saeb Khanzadeh. a programmer from Iran. there is my website to publish my public articles with English, Tajik, Persian languages

I really like to design an avatar for my profiles since highschool. it is a message to my friends that everyone has a difference personality in the Internet.