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New User Interface Avast Android

Android Power Users: Avast need you to help us test the new user interface of avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android. Become part of the beta testing team. Here’s how:

Every active participant who provides feedback will receive 1-year avast! Mobile Premium license.

1. Join beta Google+ group at
2. Click on the avast! Mobile Security (beta) link
3. Click on “Become a tester”.
4. Download through Google Play on your device

Share your opinions and bugs you discover on the Google+ community or on the avast! Community forum,

Original Shared from Avast’s Google+

Avast Rescued Me

Today is rescued day in technology.
why? today i wont logging to my Facebook account and i use Freegate for Anti-filter (Facebook is filter in Iran). i did not notice my URL Changed,suddenly popped up a window from avast and Alert me this website is a phishing website, i surprised because Facebook is a social network and it is famous website,why avast alert me!?

Real Time Shields
Real Time Shields

I think if it is phishing must be another site and changed my URL, and then i see my URL and saw , yea my Facebook changed to “”.
Thank you Avast and thank you security softwares.