Noor Digital Library had been update

On the occasion of the anniversary of mourning days for the Master of the Martyrs, Imam Husayn (A.S), Noor Digital Library has furnished its website with 105 books (in 151 volumes, in Persian and Arabic) about Imam Husayn (A.S), the Event of Ashura, Karbala and tragic account of the Imam’s martyrdom.

It is worth mentioning that this website gives the users free access to the typed and scanned (PDF) texts of all pages of books.

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Iran’s Government trying to add 20 Gbps for Internet Bandwidth.

ICT Minister of Iran’s Government said we trying to add 20 Gbps for international Internet Bandwidth and i want check status for some of social network because some members of this government had been join Facebook and they are very active.

Internet BandwidthMr.Mahmood Vaezi said: we are created committee for that.Maybe Unblocking Facebook.

me:this is good news

 Mrs.Marzieh Afkham have not any page in Facebook. she is speaker of Foregin Minister.

Avast Rescued Me

Today is rescued day in technology.
why? today i wont logging to my Facebook account and i use Freegate for Anti-filter (Facebook is filter in Iran). i did not notice my URL Changed,suddenly popped up a window from avast and Alert me this website is a phishing website, i surprised because Facebook is a social network and it is famous website,why avast alert me!?

Real Time Shields
Real Time Shields

I think if it is phishing must be another site and changed my URL, and then i see my URL and saw , yea my Facebook changed to “”.
Thank you Avast and thank you security softwares.

Technology For Humanity

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