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New User Interface Avast Android

Android Power Users: Avast need you to help us test the new user interface of avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android. Become part of the beta testing team. Here’s how:

Every active participant who provides feedback will receive 1-year avast! Mobile Premium license.

1. Join beta Google+ group at
2. Click on the avast! Mobile Security (beta) link
3. Click on “Become a tester”.
4. Download through Google Play on your device

Share your opinions and bugs you discover on the Google+ community or on the avast! Community forum,

Original Shared from Avast’s Google+

Iran released national browser

Hello Saina. Yes, Saina is first national browser of Iran. it provided by information technology and communication of Iran.

First National Browser Of Iran
First National Browser Of Iran

when i worked with it , understand Saina is an edition of Mozilla Firefox. it is good for first step but a national softwares need more support from governments, organizations and People.

Saina have two Version for Windows and Linux.

one of it’s property is parent controls.