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A.C. Milan, Welcome To Iran

Today, old star-players played a goodbye-match for any stars of Perspolis and special for Mehdi Mahdavikia, the myth of Perspolis.

at this games went 60,000 specters and they shout Paolo Maldini, Mahdi Mahdavikia, Ali Parvin and other Iranian and Italian players. Continue reading A.C. Milan, Welcome To Iran

Iran released national browser

Hello Saina. Yes, Saina is first national browser of Iran. it provided by information technology and communication of Iran.

First National Browser Of Iran
First National Browser Of Iran

when i worked with it , understand Saina is an edition of Mozilla Firefox. it is good for first step but a national softwares need more support from governments, organizations and People.

Saina have two Version for Windows and Linux.

one of it’s property is parent controls.

Iran’s Government trying to add 20 Gbps for Internet Bandwidth.

ICT Minister of Iran’s Government said we trying to add 20 Gbps for international Internet Bandwidth and i want check status for some of social network because some members of this government had been join Facebook and they are very active.

Internet BandwidthMr.Mahmood Vaezi said: we are created committee for that.Maybe Unblocking Facebook.

me:this is good news

 Mrs.Marzieh Afkham have not any page in Facebook. she is speaker of Foregin Minister.