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Internet is worse than consumption at Iran

So long time passed from when Iran connected to Word wide web. The first connection was by “Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)”(source). From that time until now, Iranians have problem with this technology. most people did not know about Internet and WWW Before Islamic revolution. But Internet’s status had been better after 1992 by dial-up systems for connecting. Why? Because internet had been familiar between people. And if you asked from people about “do you have PC?” %40 answered “yes,i have” and they try connect by Dial-up connection card to use internet with that low speed. The PC came to my family after 2000 and we also used dial-up internet connection. I can’t forget that time, i like consumption but i hate that speed 😀 .

OK, however most of Iranian users’ internet would use Yahoo messenger 😀 . After that duration , the internet network’s technology developed to ADSL and ADSL 2+ but users had and have problem with internet providers. Problems like: services, connection and area support and Support. I will skip this part with brief.

Now, the government invested on the internet and many services on the internet such as: IPTV, sell,fare work and etc. Then wireless and mobile networks are best choice for increase internet wide and spreading access. we can connect to internet in moving, travelling, on the roads and between cities, countries By mobile network. But Cost of internet is important, government must think for down level people, they pay low money for internet.

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