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Rasht fell down

Writing about this subject is so hard for me because in one side I think that show bad face of Guilan local Managers, but in another side I think this is big news about nature.
But I want write:

One week ago, local Managers of Guilan province was cut street’s trees between Farhang Sqr. To Shahrdari Sqr. This crimes was because they want run plans of BRT bus.
I don’t know, traffic problems resolve with cut trees?
How many can be stupid?

Caspian sea - Bandar-e Anzali

This issue can increase that local managers make Rasht to new Tehran in north of iran and awesome than that. Because dirtiest river in the world is in north of Iran and factories’ sewage pour to Sepidrood river, the master river of Caspian Sea.
Allah keep Guilan nature.

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